one-sheet week: “Black & White Mountains,” by Snowblink

One-Sheet Week is in the home stretch: -- In 2008, Daniela Gesundheit of Snowblink moved from San Francisco to Toronto, irreversibly altering Snowblink from a whimsical warm-weather band touting four male backup singers (two of whom were...


<sup>the bloop:</sup> The music of … mermaids?

It's hard to tell if the counter-skeptics and X-Filers really are fooled by the Animal Planet presentation Mermaids: The Body Found, or if they're just having fun with a fun subject, but the crowing over...


pre-order: Heaven, by Black Swan

Concluding each successive Black Swan release, the listener could be forgiven for a slight tug of nostalgia. The story seems told in complete, both musically and thematically. The debut album Black Swan In...


“I know there‚Äôs no other world/ mountains and websites”

Phil Elverum (The Microphones, P.W. Elverum & Sun) returns with another Mount Eerie release, Clear Moon. From the catalog listing: "Part one of a pair of records exploring a living place as a modern...


stream: Death Dreams, by PS I Love You

Lots (and lots and lots and lots) of acclaim for the new PS I Love You. It comes as no surprise: the last we heard from them was the "Subdivisions" rescore, of which we...

stream: Landon A.R. Coleman’s Single Life


I don’t know. Whether it’s the Bosch cover art, or the T.S. Eliot liner notes, or the well-lit plinka-plinka that inaugurates the album, there’s something different about this one. No doubt we’ll always screw his name up — Landon A.R. Coleman, natch — but something about the tea leaves makes us nod in agreement.

Self-descriptions are often all you need to know, and in this case they don’t disappoint. Folk_With_Eyebrows implies simple and acerbic, while Pop_With_Eyebrows suggests someone bookish and accessible. All together, it’s a pretty good description of Landon Coleman.

Take the luminescent museum tones of the opening cut “Give My Hips to the Girls,” a self-percussive ukulele serenade, with a grappling hook vocal line that you’ll be singing before you’ve got the vocals all worked out. We hardly notice the viola and French horn at the first turn, or the fact that the lyrics are actually quite morose (“Give my heart to the sea, I think that’s where it’s meant to sleep.”) Stream the track below.

“Montreal, You Never Call” is pure Woodstock — the first incarnation, that is — with its open-air organ, lo-fi drum lick, near-gospel piano and triumphant harmonica. The production is drenched with Living Room Chic, and right about now we’re thinking of the massive Grammy performance that introduced the world to The Arcade Fire. Sorry, Win. You just never call. (It’s a free download. So go get some.)

There is downtempo work here, too. “A bit of rest just off Rideau” is a quick highball at a gin lounge, while “We Caught Aflame” is terrifying, heartbreaking, yet never didactic or doctrinal. “Trace It Back” is all cigarette smoke and cheap draft, a piano and guitar ballad that finds Coleman wavering like a good mortal should. Maybe it’s about time we went and read some Eliot.

Nostalgia and euphoria, regret and existential awe. It’s all here. Download two tracks, stream in full, and buy at the Bandcamp link. Read more at Myspace.

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01 Give My Hips to the Girls by landonarcoleman