2012: the midterm

Much is made of Hiva Oa's fragility and restraint, but more than anything, the various attractions along this route fall under the general heading of "unexpected." The meta-tempo percussive rattle of "Urban" leaves the...


“no one reads reviews anymore” Glimmer, by Jacaszek

Margaret, are you grieving Over Goldengrove unleaving? Leaves, like the things of man, you With your fresh thoughts care for, can you? --"Spring and Fall," (1880), by Gerard Manley Hopkins Gerard Manley Hopkins was a 19th century Jesuit priest, an...


shortlisted: Glimmer, by Jacaszek

Available December 8, via Ghostly International. It defies language how close this album sits with me right now: musically, sonically, and psychologically. Maybe you'll hear the same? Embedded below is the second track "Dare-gale."...


stream: Solaris rescore, by Ben Frost and Daniel Bjarnason

essays on child abuse Stream Ben Frost and Daniel Bjarnason's rescore of the Solaris (1972) soundtrack at gokoyoko. Electroacoustic to the utmost, Frost and Bjarnason composed the score by conventional means, introduced it to a...


video: “Edward the Confessor,” by Breton

(email|facebook|twitter) An urgent, infectious, two-chord fire alarm from their forthcoming single, available through Fat Cat Records on November 21. (Their debut album Other People’s Problems will follow in early 2012.) It is an...

a’tris Lets Fans Vote For New Album Tracks

It’s been quite a while since we’ve written about a’tris on this site. They were one of the first bands to appear on our Find of The Week feature a few years ago and then kind of fell off the radar.

The band is currently working on their follow up to 2008′s full length, Lensing (stream it below) and by “currently working on” I mean “enlisting fans to do the grunt work”. A’tris is releasing a new track each week during 2011 and having fans vote on which tracks should be included on the new album. Each track will have a downloadable karaoke version and also a feature video to go along with it. A’tris has also teamed up with Alphabetica Design who will be designing and creating a new image for each track and will have shirts made up with each tracks unique image. We’re talking massive amounts of work going into this.

The songs that have the most plays, covers submitted and “Likes” on Youtube will be the tracks that will be selected for the new album. So don’t stand idly by, get in there and have your say.

Week 1: “Don’t Shoot The Messenger”
Week 2: “It’s Too Late”
Week 3: “Bird of Prey”
Week 4: “As A Monster”
Week 5: “She’s Real”
Week 6: “Debts”
Week 7: “Over and Over”

a’tris – “That Would Be The End”


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