one-sheet week: “Black & White Mountains,” by Snowblink

One-Sheet Week is in the home stretch: -- In 2008, Daniela Gesundheit of Snowblink moved from San Francisco to Toronto, irreversibly altering Snowblink from a whimsical warm-weather band touting four male backup singers (two of whom were...


<sup>the bloop:</sup> The music of … mermaids?

It's hard to tell if the counter-skeptics and X-Filers really are fooled by the Animal Planet presentation Mermaids: The Body Found, or if they're just having fun with a fun subject, but the crowing over...


pre-order: Heaven, by Black Swan

Concluding each successive Black Swan release, the listener could be forgiven for a slight tug of nostalgia. The story seems told in complete, both musically and thematically. The debut album Black Swan In...


“I know there‚Äôs no other world/ mountains and websites”

Phil Elverum (The Microphones, P.W. Elverum & Sun) returns with another Mount Eerie release, Clear Moon. From the catalog listing: "Part one of a pair of records exploring a living place as a modern...


stream: Death Dreams, by PS I Love You

Lots (and lots and lots and lots) of acclaim for the new PS I Love You. It comes as no surprise: the last we heard from them was the "Subdivisions" rescore, of which we...

stream: other room listening, by Zvuku

From the Bandcamp:

Irish composer Karl McGrath employs a unique approach to create beautifully constructed, and keenly observed emotional electro-acoustic pieces. Under his alias Zvuku, Karl has had a handful of releases to date, other room listening is his first full length album. Living just over the Dublin / Co Wicklow border, his home looks out over mountains in the West, these and the surrounding landscape have inspired and informed the dynamics of these pieces.

This sense of place is evident throughout the album, and progressed through his approach, which began with recordings of live instrumentation – guitar, violin and piano – and minimal editing or interference with the resulting sound. By leaving hiss, room noise in the recordings, and ‘mistakes’ in his playing, each track retains a human element which delivers a presence of emotion for the listener to experience.

Recorded either in one take, or a handful of sessions, processed and edited in the most part through outboard effects. Karl’s intention to create an ebb and flow of movement via these contrasting walls of sound and quiet interludes is brilliantly realised, weaving the listener into a captivating journey; at once intimate and expansive.

Artist links: wordpress|bandcamp|soundcloud|twitter

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