<sup>mp3:</sup> Mean Lady – "Bop Bop"

Don’t let the title of Mean Lady’s new single “Bop Bop” give you any preconceived notions as to what you’re about to hear. This isn’t a Disney Top 40 track that...


&lt;sup&gt;double vision:&lt;/sup&gt; Ana Roman

While buy cheap cialis online researching this post, we found there are at least two Ana Romans in the world of (what we'll very loosely describe as) "piano compositions." The first, and one of the subjects of...


&lt;sup&gt;Stream:&lt;/sup&gt; Wickerbird – &quot;Druids&quot;

< cheap viagra pills /a> New York City isn't for everyone. Most musicians flock to this indie music mecca to try and find their piece of the musical pie or at least be able to dress in tight...


&lt;sup&gt;name your price:&lt;/sup&gt; &lt;em&gt;Dream World Of Magic&lt;/em&gt;, by Fleeting Circus

With their tricksy prog yin and concussive rock yang, Fleeting Circus are somehow both cola-sweet and nutrient-dense at the same time. Taynã Frota's weathervane falsetto prologues the opening buy cialis online track, and its...


Find of The Week Vol. 4 No. 6: Alt-J

Naming a band according to some random set of symbols is nothing really new. Prince did it long ago and it seems to be gaining popularity once again with !!! and a number of other...

mp3 Stout Cortez – “Berliner 1″

Stout Cortez is the stage name for New Yorker Justin Hunter Scott who created the fantastic track that you are about to listen to. “Berliner 1″ reminds me quite a bit of Salem’s “King Night” with both opting out of rapid fire lyrics and beats and replacing them with more choral vocal lines and a heavy atmospheric feel. The track is really great and an improvement, I feel, on his previous work which you can stream below.

Stout Cortez – “Berliner 1″

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