2012: the midterm

It's a How To Build Muscle common refrain at TMIM that interviewing would be a terrific business. Except for the fact that we rely on someone else to give all of the answers. But our...


2012: the midterm

James Leyland Kirby, recording as The Caretaker, has recorded one of the strangest and most naggingly beautiful soundtracks in memory. Patience (After Sebald) is filmmaker Grant Gee's tribute to German writer W.G. Sebald, and Kirby's...


Welcome to the summer: <em>The Palace Garden</em> by Beat Connection

Oh boy, another June, another summer of people-watching at my place. Except for two normal-sized couples and a few kids I’m not sure actually live here, my pool belongs to beautiful bodies in small...


pre-order: Heaven, by Black Swan

Concluding each successive Black Swan release, the listener could be forgiven for a slight tug of nostalgia. The story seems told in complete, both musically and thematically. The debut album Black Swan In...


still warm: Future Nostalgia for sale, by Hiva Oa

The first half-minute, indeed the first ten seconds set the terms. This whitewashed chorus is the sound of inner dissonance, nothing really to do with the external world of instruments or processing. This...

Listen “Ziegfield Station”, another trippy Bryan Scary track

Well, I’m sure that’s how I would describe it if I were more familiar with Bryan Scary’s work. Before I get three sentences into this post, I have to come clean on something: I don’t know every band out there. Sometimes, it actually feels like I’m the last person to know. But I’m okay with that, as long as I get the memo eventually. Today I got the memo on Brooklyn’s Bryan Scary and all it took was the description “Prog-Pop Storyteller” to get me exploring.

What did I learn? Oh, little things like his shows are apparently less like concerts and more like theatrical stage shows with costumes, sets and maniacal stage personas. And that his album Flight of the Knife (2008, Black & Green Records) was wildly popular and received praise by Rolling Stone, SPIN, Pitchfork, etc. etc. I also learned that he’s currently developing an ARCHIE comics musical, which is weird but intriguing enough to mention here.

Most importantly, I learned there are some cases where a blogger (me) should just let the recording label do the selling. I could never come up with the following description of Scary’s forthcoming album Daffy’s Elixir:

The completed DAFFY’S ELIXIR is an epic double album featuring cons, quacks, cow-gal robots, spurned lovers, villains and bandits, all set in the Old West. Euro-centric art-pop meets Spaghetti-Westernisms and old-timey yarn spinning, a unique stew congealed by Scary’s most ambitious musical arrangements yet. With an expanded 9 piece lineup, and a boatload of fresh material, the new and improved Bryan Scary will be crashing into living rooms and stealing eardrums throughout 2012 (and beyond).

There, now you definitely want this album. Here’s a single to seal the deal:

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