<sup>free download:</sup> "Washed Ashore" by Edward Deer

For those who adore the loop pedal stylings of Andrew Bird and Owen Pallett/Final Fantasy, consider Edward Deer as your next assignment. He’s in the “rising star” phase of his career in Sydney,...


<sup>free download:</sup> "Gramophone Lullaby," by Voder

Seems we missed a significant compilation from Future Sequence. Some order cialis big names here -- Damian Valles, Anna Rose Carter, Wil Bolton, and more -- but a tweet from Paul Nadin tipped us off,...


A love letter from Ruarri Joseph

We have an influx of tender, thoughtful music coming through the submissions box these days and each seems to serve a different purpose. Some cialis online are excellent companions when you're an emotional wreck....


<sup>one-sheet week:</sup> "Kingdom," by Volcanoes

One-Sheet Week continues: --- Check out Volcanoes latest electric eruption Kingdom, their newest single from the album Heavy Hands. St. Louis' buzz band, Volcanoes have changed the playing field of self-recording. Their hardhitting noise rock album Heavy...


<sup>one-sheet week:</sup> <em>Hey Hey Safety Man</em>, by Hectorina

One-Sheet Week continues with an email from Hectorina: -- We're a 6 month old psychedelic math garage band from Charlotte NC and we've just released our first 3 song EP entitled "Hey Hey Safety Man" online for...

mp3 Cold War Kids – “Minimum Day” & “Minimum Mistake”

To announce the departing of long time band member Jonnie Russell due to his desire to return to school the band has released 2 new tracks and 2 videos to introduce their new guitarist former Modest Mouse and Murder City Devil’s guitarist Dann Gallucci. But really we should call it 1 1/2 new tracks since “Minimum Mistake” is more of a reprise for “Minimum Day”. Both videos feature the free-form dancing of Julia Fenton with small glimpses of the new line up.

The songs themselves are a little sub par for the band and are missing the southern rock blues with gruff and rafter rising vocals. I’m hoping that this is not a new direction but acts more as a “hey things have changed a bit so here’s something to chew on for a little while” kind of thing. The band has announced that they are currently recording their follow up album the 2011′s stunning Mine Is Yours with Dann acting as guitarist and producer.

Cold War Kids – “Minimum Day”

Cold War Kids – “Minimum Mistake”

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