"At the end of nearly three hours of metaphysical hocus pocus destined to attract the smallest number of paying filmgoers imaginable, you don’t know whether to laugh, boo or write career eulogies for all involved."

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<sup>tMiM Interview</sup> Jose Pasillas of Incubus

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Find of The Week Vol. 4 No. 6: Silver Snakes

At times it feels like the music well is drying up faster than any of us would want it to. The next "big thing" is a carbon copy the the previous "big thing" and the...


Find of The Week Vol. 4 No. 5: Husky

Husky is yet another Australian band that is going to me making waves in the US market here very soon as they tour around this summer with Shearwater. The band is the first Australian band...


Find of The Week Vol. 4 No. 4: Swear and Shake

Swear and Shake have a sound that would make one think that they hail from the deep south but you'd be far from correct. Having this type order viagra of sound come out of New...

Find of The Week Vol. 3 No. 29: Team Me

It’s getting more and more rare to receive an email from a PR firm containing music that is actually listenable. To be honest it seems to take quite an act of God for this to occur. So on the occasion that this happens it’s a time to celebrate. One of these rare occurrences happened today when I got an announcement concerning the debut release for Norwegian group Team Me.

Fronted by Marius Hagen, Team Me found surprise success after one of their songs was accepted into a battle of the band contest and a band had to be pulled together quickly in order to play the finals. Within the year the band has recorded their first EP with their debut LP, To The Rooftops scheduled for a U.S. release in February of 2012.

The band’s sound is a little hard to nail down. There’s upbeat pop in line with Freelance Whales, art rock that we’re more used to hearing out of Scandinavian countries, as well as some the track “Fool” which could easily be mistaken for a Sufjan Stevens song. The point is that Team Me has their bases covered with styles and techniques that has something the please everyone.

Team Me – “With My Hands Covering Both of My Eyes I Am Too Scared to Have a Look At You Now”