<sup>Video:</sup> The Killers – "I Feel It In My Bones"

As is par for the course this time of year, The Killers have released their annual Christmas song which same say is the true start to the season. Each year for the past 5 or...


<sup>Video:</sup> Keaton Henson – "Sweetheart, What Have You Done To Us"

buy glasses online cheap While we sit here fidgeting through the final few days before the release of Keaton Henson's upcoming EP Sweetheart, What Have You Done To Us we're treated to yet another heartbreaking...


<sup>Stream/Video:</sup> Sans Parade – "This Last Song Is A Love Song"

Sans Parade is a three-piece chamber-pop group from Fin0land that record songs that are so full that you'd expect there to be a dozen or more musicians involved in it's creation. The band's first...


&amp;quot;I love this song, make me wanna bite a planet&amp;quot;

And what song cialis might that be? It's "Solar Flares," by Natural Snow Buildings. I mean, what else? Look for their reissue of 2008's Night Coercion Into The Company Of Witches,...


&amp;lt;sup&amp;gt;video:&amp;lt;/sup&amp;gt; &amp;quot;Daybreak,&amp;quot; by Overwerk

This post continues to get all kinds of traffic. But just so we're all singing from the same choir book, we don't update online viagra the post. So every time buy cialis online...

Video Portugal. The Man – “All My Light (Times Like These)”

As an extreme Gumby fan, claymation videos will always get my attention. Mix that with Portugal. The Man and now you’ve really got me hooked. Justin Kramer and Lee Hardcastle are the creators of this piece of work for “All My Light (Times Like These)” off the band’s 6th studio album is just as many years. This video is a far cry from the usual nature piece direction they tend to go in and it’s nice to see these guys spreading out a little. The theme of this video is one where I really don’t know whether to laugh or cry. Its along the lines of “pretective father/mother dies, son/daughter seek retribution” theme but it’s hard to get torn up inside by clay innards.