The Lumineers

Most of the time bands that are trying to make a name for themselves are pointing their cars in the direction of New York but not The Lumineers, they're going the exact opposite direction and...


Introducing: Pinemarten

For most musicians it's all about getting your name out there, getting your picture on the latest issue of Rollingstone or being the featured artist on iTunes. Not for Pinemarten though. He's chosen the path...


Find of The Week Vol. 3 No. 27: Vermilion Club

Vermilion Club is comprised of duo Dylan Campbell and Zeno Pittarelli who released their latest EP this last summer. Sidewalk Ecology opens with the title track which starts out as a beautiful a capella piece...


still warm: This Was Tomorrow, by Atom Orr

(email|facebook|twitter) We originally published this article on June 24. It's really quite alarming to hear Harry Chapin rap, sing about CGI, or chide us for our style over content. Almost as much as it is to...



With how amazingly full a sound that Tidelands produces it's hard to believe that there are only two members behind it all. Gabriel Montana Leis finds himself manning the Guitar, Flugelhorn and vocals while Mie...

Find of The Week Vol. 3 No. 25: Ben Sommers

“Avocado Chip is a place; a state of mind; a dark vision of villains and political axe-wielders, Stepford wives, husbands, sons and daughters; con men and women; evil deeds and all manner of shenanigans, fully realised with consummate poetic vision and gloriously melodic panache.”

This is how Ben Sommers explains Avocado Chip, his latest endeavor into a dark world he calls Starving Jane. Acting as the narrator Sommers tells the stories of Oculus Una and Old Tall Sam amidst cabaret accordions and droning electronics. The orchestrations are sweeping and give deeper emotion to themes that are already full of tension. While listening you can close your eyes and imagine the album being played out on a stage with fantastically devilish and conniving characters bringing the story to life.

As an added bonus to the purchase of Avocado Chip, you’ll received a digital booklet detailing the whimsical stories of life in Starving Jane and the residence there along with a detailed map of Starving Jane and it’s surroundings. I’ve had a chance to preview the book and must say that the story is great and Leaf Vigurs artwork is superb.

Ben Sommers – “Sapien Express”
Ben Sommers – “Devil’s Day”

4 Responses to “Find of The Week Vol. 3 No. 25: Ben Sommers”

  1. Chloe says:

    Love this project! Ben Sommers = absolute genius! <3

  2. Marco says:

    Beautiful video – and fantastic song. I also downloaded the free tracks and I’m hooked. Excited for the album. What a great find tMIM, more please.

    SF, USA

  3. Marco says:

    He’s from the UK right? any plans for him to come play over here?

    • Patrick says:

      The PR company is telling me that there is a London date for November but nothing planned outside of that. They promised that they’ll keep us up to date so keep checking back and we’ll let you know what we find out.

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