<sup>name your price:</sup> <em>Night Drops</em>, by Indian Wells

online cialis orderp> For those readers who think electronic music is windows 7 professional a racket, you might stop reading now. To wit: Indian Wells, the Italian "tennistronic" outfit, whose roster lists Bjorn Borg, John McEnroe, and...


still warm: Future Nostalgia for sale, by Hiva Oa

The first half-minute, indeed the first ten seconds set the terms. This whitewashed chorus is the sound of inner dissonance, nothing really to do with the external world of instruments or processing. This...


name your price: The Rigged Orchestra, by Temi I Idei

One of our most frequently-revisited songs from 2009 is "02," track #6 from the fydhws release Impresii. The artist behind fydhws identifies himself only as "R" and the song truly is a six-minute continent,...


name your price: “Mist,” by Black Swan & 36

Black Swan is back in the news: a one-track collaboration with Dennis Huddleston's alias 36. It's lush, ringing, and over far too soon. Both artists are referring to this as a one-off, but...


rattling the tip jar: TMIM Pledge Drive

spy mobiles "Critics who expect you to write the same album over and over again are also fun." We're getting ready to ask you a favor, the financial kind. But first, an explanation: there is no...

name your price: Red, by Mirador


With track names like “Caravan” and “Silk Road,” the reader is already piecing together an abstract of the first half: restless, ornate, eastern in scent. That guess will get you pretty close, although there is a strong electronic pulse, here, too: a whimsical side that offers a Tenori-On riff in the same breath as a tabla drum beat. But more remarkable is the project’s ability to shed old skin so unceremoniously. Northern (January 2011) was noisy and mental. Verdant (October 2010), unrelenting and tribal.

During the second act we share an elevator ride with a madman (“Garden”), and count constellations with the shamans (“Red Smoke Orange Haze”). Mirador is a consistent favorite here at TMIM: flavorful, smart, and somewhat overlooked. Take a glance at the links below.


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