"At the end of nearly three hours of metaphysical hocus pocus destined to attract the smallest number of paying filmgoers imaginable, you don’t know whether to laugh, boo or write career eulogies for all involved."

try on glasses onlinep> For those who fear that the withering film review is a dying art, it isn't. To wit, The New York Observer's unrelenting pan of Cloud Atlas: All you can do while you puzzle...


<sup>tMiM Interview</sup> Jose Pasillas of Incubus

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Find of The Week Vol. 4 No. 6: Silver Snakes

At times it feels like the music well is drying up faster than any of us would want it to. The next "big thing" is a carbon copy the the previous "big thing" and the...


Find of The Week Vol. 4 No. 5: Husky

Husky is yet another Australian band that is going to me making waves in the US market here very soon as they tour around this summer with Shearwater. The band is the first Australian band...


Find of The Week Vol. 4 No. 4: Swear and Shake

Swear and Shake have a sound that would make one think that they hail from the deep south but you'd be far from correct. Having this type order viagra of sound come out of New...

Find of The Week Vol. 3 No. 23: You Won’t

You Won’t isn’t the greatest band name ever. Try Googling “You Won’t” and see what you get. The answer if everything except a band and since today is an egregiously busy day at work I don’t time to dig into the deep dark wells of the internet to bring you all the dirty little secrets about this Massachusetts duo. What I can tell you is that they have a debut album out now called Skeptic Goodbye. Listen the two tracks below and you’ll immediately hear some influences from Simon and Garfunkel, The Tallest Man On Earth and Deer Tick. If all those bands are regulars on your iPod then follow this link and pick yourself up a copy of Skeptic Goodbye.

You Won’t – “Three Car Garage”
You Won’t – “Who Knew”