Video: Agnes Obel – “Riverside” (Live at Studio Brussel)

Danish-born Agnes Obel released her vulnerable album Philharmonics at the end of last year in the UK and U.S. via the internet.  The CD version of the album will be available in the states this...


La guele de bois 2011: The Ruby Spirit

(email|facebook|linkedin) Our favorite anti-shoegaze microhearts have settled on their top 10 list for 2010. Five co-conspirators and 10 albums? Something tells us that -- shall we say -- moral suasion was the order of...


La guele de bois 2011: Cagey House

(email|facebook|linkedin) Dave Keifer of Cagey House writes in with his top tracks of the year. (You still have time to register to win a free, customized Cagey House ringtone, we should add.) Also file...


La guele de bois 2011: N’T

(email|facebook|linkedin) Scott French of N'T (napostrophet) writes in with his top 15 list for 2010. File this one other "top 15 heard in 2010." 15. Refused -- Shape of Punk to Come 14. Wilco...


La guele de bois 2011: Part two

(email|facebook|linkedin) Here are a few more 2010 releases we missed. Start with the fragile, almost barren Sléptis, by Strië. It's one of those rare works of art which seem intended for critical alliteration: Sléptis,...

Looking back at 2010: Top 10 albums


1. Shimmering Lights, by The Meligrove Band
2. The Quiet Lamb, by Her Name Is Calla
3. The Suburbs, by The Arcade Fire
4. La Realidad y El Deseo, by Loser Supergroup
5. EP3, by Double Handsome Dragons
6. How To Destroy Angels
7. (this page left intentionally blank)
8. Sapere Aude, by Carlos Suarez
9. days of being wild and kind, by Sketches for Albinos
10. Hunting My Dress, by Jesca Hoop


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