Find of The Week Vol. 3 No. 27: [Me]

[Me] is yet another great band in a long line of great bands that are making their way out of Australia these days. I don't know what they're putting in the water down there but...


stream: Princess Pangolin

(email|facebook|twitter) Strings. Indie. Americana. Oklahomana (in the form of Flaming Lips cover). Country. Folk. Out-of-tune singing (as well as the more in-tune variety). Musical saws. Langour. Uptempo....


Valley Maker

Bandcamp is probably the best idea that has come into existence since the creation of the iPhone. Although the idea is incredible and a wonderful format for mostly unsigned bands, the sifting like a needle...


Best New Acts from Denton

Denton, a town about 30 miles north of Dallas, is the home of the musically talented students who attend (or drop out of) the University of North Texas. That being said, it has become a...


City Reign – “Out In The Cold”

City Reign is an up and coming Manchester, England pop/rock band. There's not much information out there about the band, and by "not a lot", I mean none whatsoever. The band has one album out titled...

The Primary

As a Dallas-based music blog it is our fiduciary responsibility to give props to local acts. And as far as Denton goes, it’s a pretty small place in comparison to Dallas and Fort Worth. But it’s a university town, and the university has a Jim Dandy of a music program, so this sleepy little town churns out some of the greatest acts that Texas has to offer. To wit, newer acts like Andrew Tinker, Midlake and Neon Indian, as well as grandpa’s favorites, such as Roy Orbison, Don Henley and Sly Stone.

It’s about time to add The Primary to that  list. The band’s newest album, Days Among Giants, plays out like a veteran’s greatest hits box set, mapping out ten, fifteen, twenty years of evolution in under an hour (the early, bar-room days; the initial successes, the platinum record sales and tell-all biographies; and the experimental finale). “Get Out” is a simple, surf guitar tune that gets to the point quickly and doesn’t mince words. “The Trial of the Knave of Hearts” finds the band trading the guitars in for synthesizer and drum machine.

From here the album shifts gears completely, opting for a more jazz-fusion vibe. “Too Tired To Care” sounds as though it could have fit nicely into a Doors album and “All In Time” fries the circuits on a Chorus pedal or two.  This is by far the best track on the album. Days Among Giants closes with “Experiment;” it is a bit reminiscent of Pink Floyd’s “Money” (same white rabbit, same white rabbit hole) opting for heavily reverberating guitars before breaking form about halfway through to produce a clean, slow jam session.

If you’re in the Fort Worth area, or even if you’re not, you should make your way over to The Moon Bar on Nov. 4th 5th and catch the band live.

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    Loved the review but the show is acutally on Nov 5th :)

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