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tMiM Reviews: The Meligrove Band – Shimmering Lights

Artist: The Meligrove Band
Album Name: Shimmering Lights
Notable tracks: “Really Want It,” “Make Believe It”, “White Like Lies”, “Halflight”
Release Date: September 21, 2010
Final Conclusion: You need this album and you need tickets to the show with Born Ruffians. Already my favorite this year and it hasn’t even happened yet.

Review by Desiree

As Fred often points out, it isn’t easy to find a band the three of us can agree on. So when we were offered a review copy of The Meligrove Band’s long anticipated album, Shimmering Lights, the guys snatched the opportunity. It was offered to me as an act of compromise and celebration – rather than a fight to the death.

But to be completely honest, I had never listened to them before. The day Shimmering Lights landed in my box, I was unaware of its potential greatness; I only knew my co-bloggers wouldn’t fight over just any band. Fred and Patrick believe these Toronto-based indie rockers are really something special, and after finally hearing them myself, I have no choice but to agree.

In a nutshell, the toe-tapping rhythms are what give this foursome their bright pop appeal. These exist on every track and have the power to breathe life into your weary bones. That’s the short reason why you need to listen to Shimmering Lights. The long reason is it comes with a variety of tricks and surprises, and they’re all expertly woven to form an experimental, dynamic record.

For me, the money tracks are “Really Want It”, “Make Believe It” and “White Like Lies.” These early songs are played in tones just sinister enough to awaken the dark humorist within. Listen to “Really Want It” and tell me you knew chanting cheerleaders would complement a Transylvanian organ perfectly. At least I think it’s an organ … probably the same one that makes me feel I’m in a creepy carnival funhouse in “Make Believe It” and “White Like Lies.”

If dark humor doesn’t do it for you, move on to the fifth track for a sure thing. With “Halflight,” the music turns a corner and takes us straight into high energy happiness – something everyone can enjoy. It never rests and a little bit of Queen-like charm is thrown in at the end for extra texture.

Listeners can get another feel good fix with “Bones Attack!”… But I warn you, it leads right back to the dark humor I mentioned before: “If I loved you to death will your bones attack me?” The image certainly made me laugh. Those “fa la la’s” can’t fool me! … Even though they’re awfully satisfying to sing.

And that’s really something The Meligrove Band does very, very well. The hooks are so catchy that something as simple as “This work is so hard, mama” will become an adequate substitute for drinks after a tough day. Just belt out those lyrics during “This Work” and you can save your five dollars.

Oh what the heck, have the drinks too. You probably deserve them.

The only thing I’m not 100% sure about is the first song, “Ghosts At My Back.” This is a real shame, because I dig the middle parts of the song. There’s just something about the opening brass lick, the marching band style … I guess I prefer cheerleaders for this particular record. Like I said, it’s full of surprises.

The Meligrove Band – “Halflight”

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    I guess I prefer cheerleaders for this particular record. Like I said, it’s full of surprises.

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