Gorillaz Upcoming iPad Album

Since their inception, the Gorillaz have been notorious for their allusiveness and multiple personalities. One is their music, a creation by the musical constant, Damon Albarn (Blur), and the accompaniment of numerous other musical collaborations....


Still streaming: <em>Shimmering Lights</em> by Meligrove Band

(email|facebook|linkedin) For those who still find themselves on the fence about buying Meligrove Band's fun and dissonant masterpiece Shimmering Lights, know two things. First: it's a very short fence. It stands two, maybe three...


Flare, by Erik K Skodvin

(email|facebook|linkedin) Erik K. Skodvin is one-half of Norwegian atmospheric anomaly Deaf Center. As solo recording artist Svarte Greiner, Skodvin marches into electroacoustic airspace (check out the tense and brainy "Last Light" at the Myspace...


The Monroe Transfer transfers to Bandcamp

(email|facebook|linkedin) A word or two from their newsletter: -- Digital copies of our back catalogue can now be obtained on a Pay What You Think It's Worth basis. If you don't think it's worth anything, you can...


FTP, next in a series: The Meligrove Band — &lt;em&gt;Shimmering Lights&lt;/em&gt; LP review

(email|facebook|linkedin) This article originally appeared in MiG on September 15, 2010. The members of The Meligrove Band don't read the newspaper. There is no other explanation. What with war, poverty, state collapse, and catastrophic climate...

Little Peek at Antony and The Johnsons' Swanlights

I just got an email with a little bit of a peek into what is in store for us when the new Antony and The Johnsons’ Swanlights album comes out later this fall. If you remember the album will be accompanied by a 144 page hard cover book chuck full of Antony’s paintings, collages, photography and writings. Below you’ll find two of the paintings that will appear in the book, one titled “Christina’s Farm” and the other titled “The Creek”. These paintings are exactly what I would expect out of Antony. Something that you can continually look at day after day and come up with different reasoning every time.

The album promises to be “Antony’s most wide-rangingly emotional work to date”. The press release describes it far better than I can.

“Everything is New” opens the album with a newborn piano melody that quickly gathers in momentum and excitement. Strings and bursts of percussion carry the song forward in a feral cacophony of sound. Later on the album, the title track  “Swanlights” finds us navigating a primordial and hallucinatory world of hazy guitar tones. The enigmatic layered melody of “Swanlights” emerges from a glistening soundscape. A central image on the album, Antony explains what he means by the word “Swanlights”:  ”It’s the reflection of light on the surface of the water at night. It’s the moment when a spirit jumps out of a body and turns into a violet ghost.”  On “Thank You For Your Love”, Antony expresses a soul-infused sentiment of gratitude, but the song progresses into urgency, leaving behind the 4/4 rhythmic structure and breaking into an emotional gallop that reveals an underlying pathos.

01. Everything is New
02. The Great White Ocean
03. Ghost
04. I’m In Love
05. Violetta
06. Swanlights
07. The Spirit Was Gone
08. Thank You For Your Love
09. Flétta (feat. Björk)
10. Salt Silver Oxygen
11. Christina’s Farm

This isn’t the first time that Antony and Björk have collaborated. Antony lent his pipes to Björk’s “The Dull Flame of Desire” on her 2007 release Volta.

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