Find of The Week Vol. 3 No. 27: [Me]

[Me] is yet another great band in a long line of great bands that are making their way out of Australia these days. I don't know what they're putting in the water down there but...


stream: Princess Pangolin

(email|facebook|twitter) Strings. Indie. Americana. Oklahomana (in the form of Flaming Lips cover). Country. Folk. Out-of-tune singing (as well as the more in-tune variety). Musical saws. Langour. Uptempo....


Valley Maker

Bandcamp is probably the best idea that has come into existence since the creation of the iPhone. Although the idea is incredible and a wonderful format for mostly unsigned bands, the sifting like a needle...


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City Reign – “Out In The Cold”

City Reign is an up and coming Manchester, England pop/rock band. There's not much information out there about the band, and by "not a lot", I mean none whatsoever. The band has one album out titled...

Surfer Blood – Astro Coast

Surfer Blood, you have been a standout crowd pleaser at every pool party this summer. You call on me whenever I’m preparing a tasty meal. You’ve been known to lift my spirits on a dreary day. Finally, you never miss an opportunity to show up on an extended car ride. These things are all very important to me.

Surfer Blood, this post’s for you.

Since it feels like I’ve been writing blog after blog about one Canadian band or another, it’s really nice to have a new location on the table: West Palm Beach, Florida. Surfer Blood is made up of five young twenty somethings who met up at the University of Florida and promptly dropped out because, well, they’re good enough to. Their surf-rock, grunge-band style has been compared to the likes of Weezer. Their songs have been picked up for shows like “Vampire Diaries” and “Life Unexpected”. They’ve been touring continuously since SXSW and will be appearing in the Pitchfork Festival lineup this July.

They make being a college dropout sound pretty fun.

So for a good time, pop their first album Astro Coast into your playlist and start wiggling those hips and toes. Yes, you’ll get your catchy hook fix with early tracks like “Swim” and “Take It Easy”, but there are also gems in the middle – a tiny, two minute jam with “Neighbour Riffs” and the Weezery “Twin Peaks” (maybe if I say Weezer enough times, you’ll take a listen). Released by Kanine Records (also Grizzly Bear’s label) in January 2010, the whole album is 100% carefree entertainment and I’m long overdue in giving this effort an enthusiastic tMiM nod.

Surfer Blood – “Swim”

Surfer Blood – “Twin Peaks”

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  1. Billy says:

    Hooray for happy music. Great band name too.

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