Gorillaz Upcoming iPad Album

Since their inception, the Gorillaz have been notorious for their allusiveness and multiple personalities. One is their music, a creation by the musical constant, Damon Albarn (Blur), and the accompaniment of numerous other musical collaborations....


Still streaming: <em>Shimmering Lights</em> by Meligrove Band

(email|facebook|linkedin) For those who still find themselves on the fence about buying Meligrove Band's fun and dissonant masterpiece Shimmering Lights, know two things. First: it's a very short fence. It stands two, maybe three...


Flare, by Erik K Skodvin

(email|facebook|linkedin) Erik K. Skodvin is one-half of Norwegian atmospheric anomaly Deaf Center. As solo recording artist Svarte Greiner, Skodvin marches into electroacoustic airspace (check out the tense and brainy "Last Light" at the Myspace...


The Monroe Transfer transfers to Bandcamp

(email|facebook|linkedin) A word or two from their newsletter: -- Digital copies of our back catalogue can now be obtained on a Pay What You Think It's Worth basis. If you don't think it's worth anything, you can...


FTP, next in a series: The Meligrove Band — &lt;em&gt;Shimmering Lights&lt;/em&gt; LP review

(email|facebook|linkedin) This article originally appeared in MiG on September 15, 2010. The members of The Meligrove Band don't read the newspaper. There is no other explanation. What with war, poverty, state collapse, and catastrophic climate...

How to destroy a 1,000-word hatchet job

by Fred
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(You actually listen to the music.)

It doesn’t have the same kinetic, clamorous, and profane engine as does The Downward Spiral, but it’s excellent. This is Reznor’s finest work in well over a decade. And indeed, I like it better than I do The Arcade Fire’s new material. So far.

It’s How To Destroy Angels. Yes, I was very skeptical at first but no, I am not anymore. And yes, at times it sounds like Portishead but no, Mariqueen Maandig is not the Yoko Ono of the generation. Nine Inch Nails was not a band, it was one guy, meaning there was no band to break up. And that one guy still brings the same talent and hardware and world view to the recording studio. So don’t be a snob. Type in your email address here, and the EP is yours.

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  1. Lotika says:

    Absolutely agree! This whole comparison of Maandig to Ono is highly ridiculous! NIN was a one-man-band and apparently she didn’t break anything. More than that – seems like she inspired Reznor a lot since this is one of the best releases in his career.

    Personally, I am very satisfied that he goes into more ambient/electro direction. It’s not that I don’t like traditional NIN – “The Downward Spiral”, “The Fragile” and “Year Zero” are my favorite and they’ll always be my favorite. But “Ghosts” are a special piece of art and if Reznor decides to go more into the direction of “Ghosts” – I’m all happy :-)

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