<sup>free download:</sup> "Washed Ashore" by Edward Deer

For those who adore the loop pedal stylings of Andrew Bird and Owen Pallett/Final Fantasy, consider Edward Deer as your next assignment. He’s in the “rising star” phase of his career in Sydney,...


<sup>free download:</sup> "Gramophone Lullaby," by Voder

Seems we missed a significant compilation from Future Sequence. Some order cialis big names here -- Damian Valles, Anna Rose Carter, Wil Bolton, and more -- but a tweet from Paul Nadin tipped us off,...


A love letter from Ruarri Joseph

We have an influx of tender, thoughtful music coming through the submissions box these days and each seems to serve a different purpose. Some cialis online are excellent companions when you're an emotional wreck....


<sup>one-sheet week:</sup> "Kingdom," by Volcanoes

One-Sheet Week continues: --- Check out Volcanoes latest electric eruption Kingdom, their newest single from the album Heavy Hands. St. Louis' buzz band, Volcanoes have changed the playing field of self-recording. Their hardhitting noise rock album Heavy...


<sup>one-sheet week:</sup> <em>Hey Hey Safety Man</em>, by Hectorina

One-Sheet Week continues with an email from Hectorina: -- We're a 6 month old psychedelic math garage band from Charlotte NC and we've just released our first 3 song EP entitled "Hey Hey Safety Man" online for...

Tomorrow Becomes You by Slow Six

by Fred

Strings. Guitar. Drums. And home-grown computer software.

The eyebrow-raising equipment list belies their simple, gorgeous, and impeccable work. Slow Six is a post-rock ensemble with adagio intentions, and with their latest release the band marches further into their own serene and expansive place. The hawk-eyed reader may have just spotted the back-handed compliment, and indeed there are some — your faithful correspondent included — who think music is mutiny. Meant almost exclusively for rousing the rabble. If you count yourself among them, Tomorrow Becomes You will keep you entranced for a few tracks. But if this is your thing, this is really your thing.