Find of The Week Vol. 3 No. 27: [Me]

[Me] is yet another great band in a long line of great bands that are making their way out of Australia these days. I don't know what they're putting in the water down there but...


stream: Princess Pangolin

(email|facebook|twitter) Strings. Indie. Americana. Oklahomana (in the form of Flaming Lips cover). Country. Folk. Out-of-tune singing (as well as the more in-tune variety). Musical saws. Langour. Uptempo....


Valley Maker

Bandcamp is probably the best idea that has come into existence since the creation of the iPhone. Although the idea is incredible and a wonderful format for mostly unsigned bands, the sifting like a needle...


Best New Acts from Denton

Denton, a town about 30 miles north of Dallas, is the home of the musically talented students who attend (or drop out of) the University of North Texas. That being said, it has become a...


City Reign – “Out In The Cold”

City Reign is an up and coming Manchester, England pop/rock band. There's not much information out there about the band, and by "not a lot", I mean none whatsoever. The band has one album out titled...

The Knot by Wye Oak

by Fred

Patrick has covered Shearwater’s forthcoming (and massive-sounding) LP The Golden Archipelago here and here. (I still prefer The Snow Leopard from Rook, testy old cuss that I am.) New releases mean tours, tours mean lineups, and in this case the lineup means Wye Oak. Never heard of them? Not a problem. They’re streaming their 2009 release The Knot at Merge Records now. Read some propaganda first, then get fat with links at bottom left.

(Oh, and, co-blogger? The tour is coming to Dallas on April 10. Just sayin’.)

“ absolutely lovely record that only gets better the deeper you sink into it..” ~Idolator

“..dusky, pretty sophomore album..” ~Stereogum

“Hint: not only is it devastatingly pretty, it bests just about everything about If Children, which is, yes, possible.” ~Baltimore City Paper

“It’s all repression and violence, Wasner attacking on guitar between verses and Stack matching her with that overactive crash cymbal.” ~Cokemachineglow

“The Knot finds Jenn Wasner and Andy Stack unspooling more hazy Americana soundscapes.” ~Under the Radar


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