Brendan Benson to Return to Solo Work

I've always been a little more partial to Brendan Benson's voice as opposed to that other guy he's in Raconteurs with, who's name escapes me. So while that other guy in the band is off...


Stream – Regina Spektor's Far

As part of their "First Listen" series, NPR is offering up Regina Spektor's highly anticipated album Far for preview a few days before you can buy it in stores. Although almost half of the songs...


Guitar Hero Goes Indie

I don't pretend to be a Guitar Hero expert but I can shred the buttons when the situation presents itself, although I can't get past Metallica's "One" on Expert. That being said the new edition...


New Mew Album In The Works

Mew's breakout 2006 release, And The Glass Handed Kites, was an album that took me many listenings to in order to fully appreciate what these Danish rockers were trying to convey and, of course, Fred...


Find of The Week Vol.1 No.14

One of the most disappointing things about living in the 21st century is that when we look back at all the old sci-fi movies we think to ourselves "Where are all the cool gadgets that...

Sufjan Stevens New/Old Single "Sofia's Song"

sufjan_stevensSufjan wrote an entertaining post over at Asthmatic Kitty Records’ Sidebar about his youth, his name and the stages that he went through in song writing.

I wrote songs for the days of the week (poor Monday!). Songs for the planets (poor Pluto!). Songs for the Apostles (poor Judas!). And, finally, when all else failed, I started a series of songs for names.

Sufjan recently stumbled upon those old songs in cassettes, 4 tracks and old hard drives and has released one of the songs that he wrote for Sophia Coppola, titled, creatively, “Sophia’s Song”. This is also probably the shortest song title that he has ever come up with.

You can stream the song here. Hopefully he will continue to release these early rare tracks periodically.

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