"I could not tell if my eyes were open or shut"

While researching the Atom Orr review, we came across this blog post, leading to this Wikipedia backgrounder, and finally leading to this. Which is a howler. It begins as a very technical description of compound preparation...


<sup>study:</sup> There is a loudness war after all, melodies are becoming blander, the timbre palette is suffering, and there is little end in sight. Here's Tom with the weather.

What can we say? Slow news day. An near-infinity of music channels to choose from and yet there's nothing cheap cialis on. On that note, The Huffington Post reports: Researchers in Spain used...


"Emotional Cues in American Popular Music: Five Decades of the Top 40."

That's the title of a paper by E. Glenn Schellenberg and Christian von Scheve, from the May 21, 2012 edition of Psychology of Aesthetics, Creativity, and the Arts. Here is the abstract: Some musical characteristics...


Stream of Montreal – “Feminine Effects”

Record Store Day is just a few short weeks away and so everyone's getting all worked up and saving their hard earned cash in order to support their local vinyl dealer. There's even a smart...


hit and run: “Emboldened Orchestras are Embracing the New”

From Anthony Tommasini of The New York Times. Executive summary: Classical music audiences seem more curious than ever, and performers have been emboldened over the past decade or so to take more chances. Composers from...

Divablogging, Vol. 1, No. 1, first in a series?

l_c7ce5d9bbab74e8a849f055e5580c4f72Which recording artist has the finest web log? Piece of cake: that’s Amanda Palmer, of the Dresden Dolls. It’s funny, passionate, neurotic, gossipy, breathless, profane, long-winded, and in the end, touching. For a sample, try this recent entry:

i had a poster of brian setzer above my bed that i ritualistically HAD to KISS before going to bed every night.
this drove my mother crazy. i think she preferred it when i had to ritualistically arrange my stuffed animals.
she said she liked their music but did not like their outfits.
i did not care. i was eight. i wanted to marry brian setzer. he would understand me.
he was, of course, later to be ousted by prince…then george michael (who knew he was gay back then? i sure didn’t), then robert smith…then it gets too dangerous and i have to stop.

Or this one:

before i forget, i’m PLAYING COACHELLA this april.
yes yes yes! some of the other people on the bill are FUCKING ROBERT SMITH (i die, and i’ll finally tell him we were supposed to get married a WHILE ago), LEONARD COHEN (i die, no words for that), MORRISSEY (i kind of die, but in a sarcastic kind of way), MY BLOODY VALENTINE (die die die die die, don’t forget earplugs), CONOR OBERST (i wither, note to self: don’t drink so much this time and keep clothes on), HENRY ROLLINS (hug reprise please?), AMY WINEHOUSE (she can have my drinks, maybe she’ll attack conor in my stead), ANTONY & THE JOHNSONS (always sublime, the new record is great, by the way) and the YEAH YEAH YEAHS (karen o and AFP celebrity death match, go!)….and many many amazing others…beirut, the killers, drive-by truckers, throbbing gristle (!!!!!), public enemy….it’s going to be INSANE. we should do something fucked up. i’ll think about it. naked parade? naked blindfolded parade? should i finally do a set blindfolded? eh…
we can do better than that. hit me with ideas. it’s the DESERT. there are no police. we can get jiggy.

Fired up? Ready to go? Guilty as charged.

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